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Buying South Africa Diamonds Online

South Africa’s largest diamond, the Star of South Africa is also referred to as the Dudley Diamond and is a 47.6 carat brilliant yellow diamond found on the slopes of the Zambezi River. The original diamond, weighing in at a staggering 83.5 carat, was cut by a Gripehuahha shepherd on the bank of the river. This diamond has now been cut, polished and set in many South African jewellery settings. The Star of South Africa has an impressive history as well. It was given the name by Louis the XIV of France when he saw the final creation of this diamond during a tour to South Africa in the year 1669.

South Africa diamonds are famous worldwide for their color, cut, clarity and carat weight. They also come in a rainbow of colors including orange, pink, blue, green and yellow. Today South Africa remains the world leader in producing high quality diamond jewelry. Many of the old diamond mines have now been replaced by newer, larger and better methods of production. The result is that South African diamond mines are today producing much finer diamonds than ever before.

One of the most popular international diamond mining companies in South Africa is De Beers which is the world’s largest diamond producer. Their annual sales are reported to be around one billion dollars. They also own 60% of the diamond land. Apart from De Beers, there are many other large companies which have mining operations in south Africa including Cieaura, De Beers, Orpat, and Resources International. So if you want to buy South Africa diamond online, do take your time and look around because you will find a lot of companies ready to offer you the best deal.